Celebrating Your Season in Life, Whatever that Looks Like.

Whatever season your life is in, capturing those moments to look back on can give a feeling of nostalgia for the “good ole days”. We want to capture your life how ti is today to look back on tomorrow. Whether you’re newly married, engaged, welcomed a new family member, or just really freaking happy right now, we want to help you freeze time and remember it. That’s why our lifestyle sessions are designed for those wanting to freeze their life in real time to remember and share the good times.

These sessions are some of our favorites, and are very dear to our hearts. They are raw, authentically you. This moment belongs to you. Together, we will create a time to set aside in your home, in your favorite place (indoors or outdoors) to celebrate your season. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll have dance parties, we’ll talk about some deep shit, and it’ll be a beautiful moment for you to share with friends and family years to come.


what is a lifestyle session?

Because “lifestyle” can be a broad term, we like to work intimately with our clients to create the ideal session that fits your season in life today. So whether you’re newly engaged, married, expecting a new member in the family, we’re here to capture it for you.