Brit + Mark's Intimate Asheville Wedding

We met Brit and Mark through social media (which, isn’t so shocking these days, let’s face it). They found us right when Joe and I had started our photography business. We met with them at a local coffee shop downtown Asheville to chat about their wedding and vision for their big day. It was almost immediate that we knew we wanted to be part of their day, and their lives! Brit and Mark are such a sweet couple. Brit is gentle, kind, and a great listener, while Mark is such a creative spirit, hard-working fella.

They had their big day in the backyard of a friend’s house. It was a pretty hot day, and there was a slight chance of rain. We crossed our fingers throughout the day that it’d hold up, because they had planned to get married under this large oak tree in the backyard. As the day went on and Brit and Mark got ready, it started to pour. Such a typical day for Western North Carolina. You really have no idea what kind of weather you’re gonna get these days.

We were lucky to capture some photos of the two of them before the ceremony, and just before it started pouring. We walked up the neighborhood and found this abandoned house that had a sweet backyard to capture their moment together. It’s so important for us to be able to make that space and moment for our couples — to give them the time alone before the craziness begins of the festivities.

WeddingLeah Middleton