How to Prep for Your Photoshoot


So you’ve booked your photoshoot and you’re not sure how to prepare for it. Since we started photography, we also got asked alot to model for other photographers in the area. Which was really great because we got to 1.) meet awesome photographers in Asheville and 2.) get insight what it’s like to be the client. You’re probably feeling a little nervous (and excited!) with your photoshoot coming up, so here’s some information to help ease those nerves so you can feel fully prepared and confident when it’s time.

Outfit Choices

For us personally, we love the look of a neutral-toned outfit. But as you can see in the photo above, our female model decided to wear a mustard color dress, which pops beautifully against the background! We aren’t opposed to bright colors (anything that compliments that skin tone and makes you feel like ~fire~, girl, get it!), but generally speaking we feel that the best photographed outfits are usually neutral-tones. Think grays, blacks, tans, greens, etc. We often do sessions outside in the mountains, so neutral colors tend to look really well against those Blue Ridge Mountains. They’re also timeless, so regardless of what the style is like ten years from now, your photos will remain timeless by sticking to neutral attire.

Ladies, feel free to wear a dress, jeans, whatever you’re most comfortable in. Bring some accessories if you can’t decide, and we’d be happy to help you figure it out what looks best.

Gentlemen, feel free to wear jeans or slacks. Also whatever you’re comfortable in! We’ll probably be hiking, so whatever gives you the flexibility.

If you’re not sure exactly what to pick, feel free to shoot us an email with your options and ideas. We’re always happy to help put together your outfits. We may even have some pieces available for you to wear!

Spend Quality Time Together

It’s not uncommon for our couples to spend the entire day together before showing up to their photoshoot. When we book a photoshoot to model ourselves, we like to take the entire day off so we can enjoy each other’s company before we have to be in front of a camera. It totally eases any nerves, and by spending quality time together we’re able to get in the lovey-dovey mood beforehand. We also don’t get a lot of time together, so this is truly special for us, as it is for you too! Try planning a date night in town, grab a bite to eat so you aren’t hungry during the session, and maybe even grab a pint or glass of wine if you’re feeling super anxious. Or just ask us to bring some for the photoshoot — we’re here for it! Anything to help the two of you feel at ease.

Plan Accordingly

Together, we’ll figure out the location and time for your photoshoot. After discussing a bit with the two of you about your story and what you enjoy doing, we’ll ask if you’ve got any initial places in mind, or a general idea of what you’d like as background (waterfall, mountains, etc.). We’ll collaborate on the location and schedule our meet-up to begin just before Golden Hour, to have ample time to introduce ourselves and get to the specific location, if hiking is necessary.

Be sure to map it out ahead of time. Double check with us if the location you mapped out is accurate to prevent any future confusion! There’s nothing like feeling stressed and rushed before a photoshoot to totally ruin the mood for you. Plus, it’s super helpful to us if you arrive at least 10 mins before your session. It gives us ample time to introduce ourselves properly, if we hadn’t already, and get those jitters out of the way before we begin. It’s also great to get a head start on hiking, because I’m sure your photoshoot will entail some adventure!

Which leads me to the next point: bring the necessary items along with you, such as a jacket (if it gets cold), water, and snacks (if you didn’t eat before!). We want to make sure you have the best time. Even if you forget something, we will most likely have back up, just in case!

Now that you’re all set for your photoshoot, go have a ballin’ time. We’re here to open the space for you two to connect and share a pretty special night together. Cheers!

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