The number one question we get asked the most is: how did you two meet? well, it started like this…

It started with a Facebook message from Joseph to Leah (me, the one telling the story here). We have a mutual friend that lives in Texas. She had dated one of Joe’s friends back in the day and when she visited England, met Joseph, where he asked “Do you have any American friends for me?” She, for whatever reason, thought of me, in which he took the chance to send me a Facebook message introducing himself. My friend had let me know about Joseph before he sent a message, so I was fully aware and expected it.

Since then, I like to say that we were “virtual” pen pals from that day on. We sent long Facebook messages, text messages, video clips of what we did for the day, etc. We shared our dreams and hopes for the future, some of which involved finally meeting one another and taking a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We were each others, in a way, little secret. None of our friends really know about us and that we were even speaking. Or that it was really anything at all.

Six years had passed and we finally met in San Antonio, Texas, while both visiting said friend who introduced us. I was only there for four days, but honestly that’s all we both needed to know there was something between us that we couldn’t pass up. It was long before we decided to see each other again, so I booked a ticket for Joseph to come to Asheville and spend some actual quality time to figure out what this was — what we were and what to do about it. That week changed both of our lives. We hiked on top of Black Balsam Knob, where we would later elope, and I remember Joseph saying, “This is where I need to be.” So we made it happen.

Currently we reside in Asheville, North Carolina, where I have lived for the last 20 years of my life. We adore the mountains and restaurants popping up everywhere, but love the idea of traveling more. We have two cats (August and Phoebe) and one Aussie named Boone. I work full-time as a barista at Summit Coffee and Joseph works full-time at Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack. During our spare time, we photograph romantic couples and their love. We adore what we do and can’t wait to make friends in the process.


about leah

I had picked up my first camera at the age of 6 while my family road-tripped from Seattle, Washington to the Asheville mountains. On our road-trip I had taken the following photos; me in front of Mount Rushmore, my parents in front of Mount Rushmore, the blurry window that I looked out all day long as we drove through the country, my Barbie doll, and probably more that I can’t remember. When my dad handed me my first real camera, I took many more photos, but of lots of people this time. My friends in the neighborhood, us swinging on the swingset at the neighborhood park, us eating peaches on a summers day. The list goes on. Whenever I needed some sort of self expression, or to hold a memory so close to me, I took a picture. I needed that picture in that moment, at that time, for everything to just hold still a little while longer. It had helped me through so much in my entire life. So here I am, hoping that the moments we capture will help you slow down the time a little more, cherish those moments with your family or loved one. I hope that these moments will freeze that time for you to breath, enjoy, and cherish. And we’ll have a fucking good time doing it.

Some of my favorite things include:

  • Plants, give me all the plants, even though I will probably kill them within two weeks. But I still love them. And if not plants, then give me

  • Flowers, all the flowers. If I wasn’t a photographer I’d be a florist.

  • When I’ve got both plants and flowers, you can bring me coffee. More specifically an oat milk cappuccino. Working at a coffee shop has provided me a kind of special love for good tasting espresso.

  • Writing/journaling/all the things involved with words. Words are rich to me. They taste like chocolate — almost better than chocolate. There is no better way to connect with others than through words and photography.

  • Lastly, our animals, which includes two cats, August and Phoebe, as well as one dog, our Aussie, Boone (or Boobear). We’re a zoo.


about Joe

Before making my move to the Smokey Mountains to be with my best friend/wife/love of my life, I was born and raised in England. Nottingham to be exact. Yes, the home of Robin Hood. My earliest memory of picking up a camera was in-fact an old video camera that my parents had with us on a family camping trip. I remember how cool it was to be able to film me and my friends fly around on our scooters through the camp ground. From there my next memory takes me to my early teens and my years as a skateboarder. I remember watching countless skateboarding videos and following friends around with an old janky camera to try and recreate the same. Years passed and the interest stuck but I never pursued making anything of it, other than taking pictures of me and my friends and family, it was just a fun thing to do. I spent several years as a touring musician, and along the way met some incredible photographers/videographers whom I was lucky enough to work with. It was during these years that my interest peaked and I wanted to make something happen. So I bought my first “good” camera and set out taking pictures of just about anything and everything. Whether its cameras, guitars, tech, I’ve always been a complete gear nut, and so I made a point of learning my first camera inside and out and couldn’t get enough. It was coming to NC and having our engagement pictures taken that truly sparked the fire inside me. I knew after that shoot that I wanted to make others feel the way we did and give back to couples the same joy and love and passion that we felt that day. So here we are, trying to do just that. I promise if you come along on an adventure with me and Leah you are promised lots of laughs, love and a safe place to be yourself.

Some of my favorite things include:

  • Playing the guitar ( or anything I can get my hands on ). I’ve been a musician for over 15 years now and it still brings me the same amount of joy as it did back at the start. Also….John Mayer is my life. Judge me as you feel fit.

  • Food, who doesn’t like food, right?

  • Being outside— I still found it surreal that I’m lucky enough to love in these mountains.

  • Gadgets, gizmos, and anything tech. I’m a sucker for new tech and learning how it all works.

  • And to follow up with my wife, our animals. I love them more than words.